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Stakeholder Meeting

Monday 14 October from 10.30am
Centre Point, London


Gareth RobertsChair, RA Review
Harry Bush HMTreasury
Chris HenshallOffice of Science & Technology
John PattisonDepartment of Health
Nick SandersDfES
Ann HughesHEFCW
David McAuleyDELNI
David GaniSHEFC


1.   It was suggested that the review might benefit from further external perspective on general performance measurement. The review team would consider convening a special meeting of people with quality assessment expertise.

2.   It was agreed that a representative of the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly would be invited to join this stakeholder group.

3.   John Pattison undertook to keep his devolved administration contacts informed or the review.

4.   The review team would consider an informal meeting with RDAs and would speak to DTI about arranging this.

5.   Update on current government thinking - from each department representative

  1. Forthcoming DfES documents, in particular the strategy paper and the grant letter, will include reference to the RA review compatible with how review is proceeding
  2. RA review has implications for bio-medicine both in terms of assessing the quality of research in the UK and its impact for certain disciplines.
  3. Scottish agenda is developing. Keen to see how knowledge transfer will be incorporated. Need some emphasis on social and public agendas, impact on culture and behaviour, sustainable science and collaboration.
  4. OST interested in promoting as well as measuring the international standing of UK science and engineering. Also interested in philosophy of dual support system.
  5. DTI is responsive to users of science and engineering and interested in other government and public users and funders of research.
  6. Recent Welsh review of research policy and funding highlighted issues of excellence, contribution to Welsh economy, society and culture, and exploitation. Evidence of compatibility between these and Welsh assembly mission and aims.
  7. NI bids to CSR were unsuccessful leaving them with no further funding for research. Interested in staying close to current RAE model for benchmarking reasons and it has served them well.
  8. Treasury keen to stress this is about how to distribute the money and not about creating demands for more. Worth paying some price to decrease burden. Right to have a competitive system but need to manage the balance between competition and sustainability. Some interest in bigger strategic picture – where is the capacity, infrastructure building etc.

6.   Important for review not to have multiplicity of purposes – should recognise all the questions rather than attempt to answer them.

7.   Key issues for consideration on funding are; impact on behaviour and exploitation.



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