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Meeting records & updates

  • 16 July 2003
  • 28 May 2003
    • Review of research assessment: final report
      The final report, submitted by Sir Gareth Roberts.

Steering group

  • 17 March 2003
    • Update on the UK funding bodies' review of research assessment
  • 17 December 2002
    Related documentation
    • An overview of outcomes from informal meetings, presented by Sir Gareth Roberts
      [Word 45K] [PDF 20K]
    • Preliminary analysis of responses to the RA Review’s invitation to contribute
      [Word 49K] [PDF 42K]
    • Presentation from RAND Europe on interim feedback from facilitated workshops
      [PowerPoint presentation 562K]
    • Update on the steering group's discussion of models of research assessment
  • 31 October 2002




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