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Responses from subject groups

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Academic Board of British Orthopaedic Association[23.5K] [4.3K] [11.4K] [8.9K]
Academy of Learned Societies for Social Sciences[32.5K] [8.1K] [17.5K] [13.5K]
Anthropology, University of Sussex[28K] [6.6K] [16.9K] [13.4K]
Anthropology, University of Wales[20K] [3.6K] [6.6K] [4.4K]
Archeology & Ancient History, University of Leicester[32.5K] [8.6K] [27K] [22.5K]
Art & Humanities, University of Wales[26.5K] [6K] [18.2K] [14.9K]
Arts, Humanities & Environment, University of Edinburgh[21K] [3.1K] [3.5K] [2.7K]
Association for Fine Art Historians[28.5K] [6.3K] [17K] [13.4K]
Association for French Lang Studies[27K] [6K] [19.9K] [16.7K]
Association for Study of Modern and Contemporary France[29K] [7.1K] [21K] [15.9K]
Association of Art Historians[24.5K] [5.3K] [13.5K] [9.8K]
Association of British Pharmaceutical Ind[348K] [321.1K] [99.9K] [94.3K]
Association of Business Schools[26K] [5.3K] [16K] [12.6K]
Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland[28.5K] [6.2K] [8.6K] [6.7K]
Association of University Depts of Theology and Religious Studies[28.5K] [4.3K] [12.2K] [9.5K]
Association of University Heads & Professors of French[57.5K] [11.1K] [26.8K] [21.9K]
BAILER[41K] [12.2K] [20.3K] [15.6K]
Bart's & London Queen Mary's School of Medicine[40K] [10.3K] [31.9K] [25.5K]
BERA[57K] [22.3K] [46.4K] [35.5K]
Biochemical Society[62K] [13.2K] [54.6K] [47.4K]
British Accounting Association[47.5K] [23.7K] [25.8K] [22.3K]
British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy[24K] [4.9K] [13.2K] [10.3K]
British Association for American Studies[21.5K] [3.4K] [8.8K] [6.6K]
British Dental Association[36.5K] [8.6K] [22.7K] [19K]
British Dietetic Association[26K] [5.7K] [14.9K] [11.7K]
British International Studies Association[36.5K] [9K] [22K] [18.4K]
British Medical Association[76K] [36.4K] [53.9K] [46.6K]
British Psychological Society[40K] [9.5K] [28.5K] [22.8K]
British Society of Criminology[22.5K] [4.1K] [10.7K] [8.3K]
British Society for Dental Research- - [146.1K] [137.8K]
British Universities Committee on Optometry[20K] [2.4K] [4.7K] [3.1K]
Chartered Society of Physiotherapy[26.5K] [5.5K] [14K] [10.7K]
Chemistry, University of St Andrews[26K] [5K] [6.6K] [5.1K]
Chemistry, Imperial College[20.5K] [2.6K] [3.8K] [2.5K]
Chemistry, Queen Mary College[30.5K] [6.9K] [20.3K] [16.5K]
CHES, University of Stirling[27K] [6.1K] [16.6K] [12.9K]
College of Science & Engineering[39K] [10.5K] [31K] [26.8K]
College of Occupational Therapists[33K] [7K] [16.2K] [11.7K]
Conference of Professors of Accounting[37K] [10.1K] [28.3K] [22.5K]
Council for College and University English[49K] [14K] [34.5K] [28.1K]
Council for HE in Art & Design[37K] [9.1K] [24.6K] [20.7K]
Council for Humanities, Oxford University[42.5K] [11.9K] [24.3K] [18.8K]
Council for Mathematical Sciences[36K] [10.1K] [23.3K] [18.8K]
Council of Deans & Heads of UK University Faculties for Nursing[24K] [4.6K] [13.5K] [10.8K]
Council of Heads of Medical Schools[30K] [7.4K] [23.1K] [18.6K]
Council of University Classical Depts[22.5K] [3.9K] [10.1K] [7.8K]
Council of University Deans of Arts and Humanities[96K] [19K] [42.1K] [34.9K]
CURL[30.5K] [6.7K] [14.1K] [10.2K]
Design Research Society Council[22.5K] [3K] [3.4K] [2.6K]
Economic History Society, University of Cardiff[21.5K] [3.8K] [10K] [6.8K]
Education & Training Committee of Heath Professions Council[31K] [6.6K] [16.7K] [13.9K]
Education Research, University of Strathclyde[28.5K] [6.5K] [13.9K] [10.2K]
Educational Research, Canterbury Christ Church University College[32.5K] [11K] [19.4K] [16.1K]
Engineering & Physical Sciences, Herriott Watt University[27.5K] [6.2K] [13.5K] [10.6K]
Engineering Professors Council[22.5K] [4.2K] [11.6K] [9.2K]
English, University Newcastle[23.5K] [4.5K] [7.9K] [5.9K]
English, University of Leeds[55.5K] [18.5K] [31.2K] [26.3K]
European Ethnological Research Association[45.5K] [6.6K] [9.9K] [7.9K]
Geography, University of Glasgow[35.5K] [9.5K] [29.7K] [24.7K]
Geography, University of Portsmouth[21.5K] [3.5K] [9.1K] [6.7K]
Government, University of Strathclyde[25.5K] [3.6K] [9.7K] [7.3K]
Heads of Dept of Maths Sciences[21.5K] [2.7K] [4.7K] [3.6K]
Higher Education Chemistry Conference[32.5K] [6.5K] [15K] [11.7K]
Higher Education Committee of English Association[36.5K] [8.7K] [21K] [16.3K]
History at Universities Defence Group[32K] [10K] [29.3K] [22.6K]
Human Sciences, University of Surrey[400K] [54.7K] [43.4K] [38.6K]
Institute of Cancer Research[33K] [8.1K] [24.4K] [20.2K]
Institute of Electrical Engineers[45.5K] [10.9K] [33.4K] [27.9K]
Institute of Physics[57.5K] [30.1K] [33.9K] [27.9K]
Joint Medical Advisory Committee[27.5K] [5.7K] [13.1K] [10.8K]
Law, Southampton Business School[34K] [7.9K] [20.6K] [15.4K]
Law, University of East London[26K] [5.3K] [14.8K] [11.7K]
Law, University of London[34.5K] [5.8K] [9.6K] [7.5K]
Leisure Studies Association[25.5K] [5.2K] [16.9K] [12.2K]
Life & Env Sciences, University of Oxford[37.5K] [8.8K] [19.7K] [16K]
Literature, University of Edinburgh[33.5K] [8.7K] [25.9K] [21.7K]
London Maths Society Committee on Women in Science[27K] [6.1K] [16.6K] [12.9K]
LTSN Hosp, Leisure, Sport & Tourism[25K] [5.1K] [14.2K] [11.2K]
Manchester School of Accounting[38K] [9.9K] [27.8K] [23.7K]
Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford[28.5K] [5.7K] [14.9K] [11.1K]
Maths & Physical Sciences, University of Oxford[36K] [8.4K] [20.1K] [15.9K]
Maths, Kings College- - [45.4K] [17K]
Media, Communication & Cultural Studies[27.5K] [6.2K] [15.6K] [12.2K]
Medical Sciences Division, Oxford University[23K] [4.4K] [11.3K] [8.5K]
Midwifery & Nursing, University of Southampton[25K] [5.2K] [8.7K] [6.7K]
Modern Humanities Research Association[21.5K] [3.4K] [8.6K] [6.2K]
Modern Languages, University of Southampton[24.5K] [4.9K] [14.8K] [11.3K]
Nat Association for Music in HE[32.5K] [7.9K] [50.9K] [46.8K]
National Educational Research Association[30.5K] [5.6K] [11.3K] [8.3K]
Northern Primary Care Research Net[19.5K] [2.9K] [5.5K] [3.8K]
Performing Arts Centre of LTSN[17K] [4.4K] [11.6K] [8.4K]
Pharmacology & Biomolecular Sciences, University of Brighton- - [145.7K] [123.4K]
Political Studies Association[22K] [4.1K] [11K] [8.4K]
Politics, LSE[29.5K] [4.6K] [12.2K] [10K]
Psychology, Birkbeck College[27K] [5.1K] [13.7K] [10.9K]
Public Policy, University of Birmingham[21K] [3.1K] [8K] [5.5K]
Research & Teaching Group[25.5K] [5.2K] [16.6K] [12.1K]
Royal College of Pathologists[35K] [8.9K] [28K] [22.8K]
Royal College of Physicians[21.5K] [4K] [7.1K] [4.7K]
Royal Economic Society[45.5K] [11.8K] [38.8K] [34.6K]
Royal Geographical Society[108K] [27.8K] [82.8K] [68.1K]
Royal Historical Society[33.5K] [8.4K] [25.6K] [21.6K]
Royal Institute of British Architects[55K] [32.1K] [22K] [16.4K]
Royal Society of Chemistry[54K] [14K] [41K] [35.7K]
Royal Statistical Society[24.5K] [5.6K] [11.9K] [8.5K]
Save British Science Society[39K] [10.2K] [35.8K] [29.1K]
SCONUL[21K] [3.6K] [9.3K] [6.3K]
Scottish Educational Research Association[46.5K] [9.4K] [24.1K] [20.1K]
Scottish Science Advisory Committee[33K] [8.6K] [26.7K] [21.6K]
Scottish Statistics Rep Group[22K] [4.1K] [11.2K] [8.4K]
SCUDD[45K] [11.5K] [34.3K] [27.3K]
Society and College of Radiographers[78.5K] [48.1K] [63.9K] [57.1K]
Society for Academic Primary Care[24.5K] [4.3K] [11.3K] [8K]
Social History Society[34.5K] [8.2K] [19.3K] [14.5K]
Social Policy & Sociology, University of Kent[23.5K] [4.8K] [12.1K] [8.6K]
Social Policy Association[32.5K] [8K] [21.4K] [17.9K]
Social Policy, University of Kent[23K] [4.3K] [11.8K] [8.7K]
Social Sciences, University of Oxford[41.5K] [9.9K] [25.6K] [21.5K]
Society for Italian Studies[23.5K] [4.2K] [6K] [4.4K]
Standing Committee of Heads of Anthropology[31K] [7.8K] [18.8K] [14.4K]
Standing Conference of Arts & Social Sciences[53K] [10.1K] [23.8K] [18.5K]
Standing Conference of Dance in HE[26K] [5.2K] [14.5K] [11.3K]
Standing Conference of Heads of European Studies[28K] [6.5K] [17.4K] [13.3K]
Subject Committee for Archeology[25K] [5.2K] [9.6K] [7K]
Theatre, Film & TV, University of Glasgow[31K] [7.8K] [20.1K] [16.4K]
UK Cochrane Centre[21.5K] [4.2K] [7.8K] [5.6K]
UK Deans of Science[22.5K] [4.5K] [13K] [9.9K]
UK Life Sciences Committee[67K] [14.4K] [44.3K] [39K]
UKADIA[27K] [5.9K] [16.6K] [12.9K]
UKCRC[45K] [13.1K] [31.4K] [25.9K]
University Council of Modern Languages[29.5K] [5.4K] [15.3K] [12.3K]
Womens' Studies Network( UK) Association[37K] [9.2K] [28.1K] [22.8K]


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