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Following the outcome of the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise, a review of research assessment was launched in June 2002. The review was owned by the four UK HE funding bodies and led by Sir Gareth Roberts, President of Wolfson College, Oxford.

A steering group was established, selected on the basis of personal knowledge, experience and standing in the HE and research communities. The review was administered and informed by a review team resourced from HEFCE, and supported by other funding body officers and outside experts. The review team worked with Sir Gareth in developing alternative approaches to research assessment for consideration by the steering group.

Throughout the review process the funding bodies sought to consult widely on the issues being addressed. The review provided distinct approaches to assessment systems for the steering groupís consideration. As these models were developed they were made available to the wider research community, the funding bodies and stakeholders for discussion. From this process the steering group identified one preferred model to be presented as an option for consultation.

The final report of the review is available on this web-site, with other documentation published in the course of the review.


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